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"Who is 'Nack the weasel'"?/"I thought his name was Fang the Sniper!"

Nack the weasel is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise; his debut was in Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, and he also appeared in a few other games, such as Sonic the Fighters. Nack is sadly a "scrapped" character -- he has not made an appearance in the games since the 90's (save for a cameo in Generations) -- however, he does make appearances in Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog comic book series, as well as Fleetway's Sonic the Comic.

Because of his status as a scrapped character, not much is known about Nack -- not canonically, to be exact. His depictions all have quite a few things in common -- he's selfish, overtly greedy, self-reliant and his loyalty isn't earned -- it's rented (and even then, it's questionable). He's also depicted as a bit clumsy and stupid, yet smug with a real grumpy side. However, the sky's the limit, as these traits are often toyed with depending on the writer/artist.

In Japan, Nack was known as "Fang the Sniper", which is why he has two names. Both are correct.

We here at Nack-The-Weasel-Fans allow all interpretations of the weasel to be submitted; we do ask, however, that you respect the interpretations and presentations of others in this regard.

Submission Guidelines:
    We do NOT accept...
  1. Traced or stolen images (heavily referenced images count too)
  2. Sexual images/Images of the character being heavily sexualized
  3. Fetish art of any sort.
  4. Works that include Fancharacters in any way. We apologize in advance, but anything involving a fan character is to be put in the groups favorites folder, under "Fan-characters with Nack"

Not happy? See our list of alliances to find a more suitable group for your submissions.

:note: Blogging

Members can blog, if the blog is Sonic Related or group-related. Starting discussions or debates (so long as they are relevant), sharing headcanons and opinions, or anything of the sort are allowed and encouraged. However, group administrators will still have to approve your blog before it is officially posted.

Got a suggestion to improve the group? Feel free to note us!


Originally founded by :iconroseraptor: for all Nack the Weasel Fans :heart:




What we will affiliate with:

- Sonic-related groups.
- Fan Character groups.
- Couple groups.

What we will NOT affiliate with:

- Hate/Anti-Clubs.
- Anything non-Sonic related
- Groups with no 100x100px avatars
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Salutations! PidgeonsPen speaking
I'm not sure how many people are still active in this group, but I figured I'd give an update anyway.

I do have plans for this group -- ones that I can actually work on now that I don't suck (as much as I used to anyway).  Those plans include
-IDK maybe the occassional headcanon sharing???
- Discussions
- STUFF!!!

So yeah elaborating on the discussion portion -- those of you who follow the Archie Comics series likely are aware that the new Sonic Universe arc is going to feature Team Hooligan. For those who don't keep up with the comics, Team Hooligan is the team consisting of Nack, Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite! It's been a long while since our favorite weasel made an appearance, so if you wanna see him be sure to pick up the series! This particular arc starts off with issue #63, which should be going around sometime next week -- don't forget to pick it up!

Still not enough Fangy in your life? Have a tumblr?

Check out the fuckyeahnacktheweasel blog over on tumblr; it features some of the top tier doucheweasel fanart found here, FA or even Pixiv!
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Timothius Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015
Hello! I have a question that the internet databases on Nack won't answer: How old is Nack?
Personally, I always figured he was older than Sonic by two to five years. But I have nothing to back this theory other than he just feels like a guy in his early to mid twenties.

Just curious if anyone here could answer that or if there really is no official age for him and my guess is as good as any.
(1 Reply)
Turko-Jar Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello! I have this images, is not nack but his sister, can I submit them in this group? and where?
(1 Reply)
sonicgirl313 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
Did I accidentally submit to the wrong folder? I was sure my picture met all the guidelines.
(1 Reply)
catlover583 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student General Artist
i thought his name was spike
MikeJMurdock Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
May I join this club? Nack is one of my favorite characters and i'm seriously hoping he makes a return in a game D:
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